Tuesday, May 31, 2011

41 weeks, 4 days

And still pregnant.

I will confess, I have been cranky and grumpy lately as I wait for this little one to make her appearance.  I feel like I just get up in the mornings and go through the motions of the day, waiting for contractions that get longer, stronger, and closer together.  I have plenty of contractions...but they just do their own thing and don't amount to any changes whatsoever once I am at the midwife's office.  I had contractions pretty much all day yesterday, and I was sure something would have changed when I got checked today.  Nothing.

We spent yesterday morning at the town Memorial Day parade.  It was hot!  But it felt so good to get out of the house and experience all the sunshine and the happy faces of others.  Then Tim was home for the afternoon, the princess took a great nap, and we grilled chicken Santa Maria-style for dinner.  Yesterday was a great day.

Today I had another checkup with my midwife.  Still nothing has changed.  I find that hard to believe, but it is the truth!  So we set an induction date.  THERE IS AN END IN SIGHT!!!  I am so excited and happy to know that we finally have an end date.  If the little one is not here by Thursday (June 2), I will be induced at 9am.  While I want more than anything to go into labor on my own, I cannot handle this mental game anymore.  Baby is getting the boot from my womb.  We'll see if this goes any quicker than the induction with the princess.  Hers was a 30-hour ordeal.  So we are being realistic and saying Baby should be here by Friday the 3rd!

Please be praying for us as we look forward to meeting our little one.  I still have a few days to go into labor on my own!  :)

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Amanda said...

Praying for you! My Grace gave me contractions for over a week- but I wasn't making any progress and eventually got induced. All that to say, I totally understand where you're at and praying that your little girl comes quickly & w/o induction!