Monday, June 21, 2010

Grocery Challenge: Week One, Day Two

Dinner - Day 2:

I am trying very hard to watch what my family eats.  My goal is not only to watch our spending, but to make healthy choices on what goes into our bodies.  I try to keep every meal around 400 calories.  Tonight was Beef and Noodles (a Better Homes and Gardens recipe) with broccoli and the few pieces of cauliflower I had left.  This meal was made with beef we had in the freezer from a previous meal, whole wheat noodles I had stockpiled from when they were on sale, and stockpiled frozen broccoli.

The cost:  $1.44 for the serving below - my recipe made 6 servings.
The calories:  415 for the serving below

Groceries -  Week 1

This week was heavy on dairy.  We have a lot of frozen red meat, but we did need some chicken and deli meat as well.  We also needed snacks for the baby and a few odds and ends for dinner recipes.  Of course, we also needed to fuel our Pepsi addiction!
I visited 3 stores for the best deals.  I saved $19.50 by using coupons and doing a bottle return this week.

Total from Meijer: $38.13
Total from Walmart: $7.40
Total from Walgreens: $2.00

This Week's Total (Including Total From OCB Sunday):  $72.93

Yay!  That falls below our $75.00 limit, even though we ate out.  I am very proud of that. 

A few things I learned today:
1)  I spend less if I actually tally up my total as I am shopping.
2)  I spend less and make healthier choices if I have a set weekly amount to spend, rather than a monthly amount.

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