Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Last week was Vacation Bible School.  We enjoyed spending our mornings with about 80 kids at the church.  Tim was a team leader (and ended up getting a pie in his face on Friday when his team lost), and I helped with crowd control in 4th grade.  We enjoyed our week, but kids are exhausting!  We are recovering this week.  :)

We had several storms pass through here last week and lost electricity a few times.  I learned that being on a well-water system means that you do not have running water for very long if the power goes out.  After the second power outage, I was prepared with a few pots of water so that we could flush our toilets if the power went out again.  It didn't.

Tim and Sarah seem to have come down with colds, and I have a sore throat this morning.  Isn't this supposed to happen in the winter?  Crazy.

It is finally official.  I am again licensed as an RN in the state of Michigan.  I begin searching for jobs last night, and unfortunately there are not many choices available.  I want a part-time job, meaning maybe one day a week.  Most available positions are for full-time or two days a week.  I did apply for two jobs last night, so now I'm waiting for phone calls.

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