Friday, December 10, 2010

23 Months

Our little princess is 23 months old today.  It amazes me how quickly time has passed and how much she has grown and changed in this time period!

In honor of Princess turning 23 months today, here are 23 things you may or may not know about my girl:

1)  She loves being chased.  Especially by Daddy.  Especially when Daddy is holding her big stuffed monkey, yelling "Monkey's gonna get you".
2)  She loves to pray.  She can be in the middle of a screaming fit, and if you ask if she wants to pray, she will generally get quiet and listen...then go right back to screaming after you say "Amen".
3)  She loves to run around when she is naked.  This makes diaper changes a long process.
4)  She loves her daddy.  Anytime she hears a noise in the house during the workday, she turns to me and asks, "Dada?".  She loves to give him hugs and loves to have him tickle her.
5)  She loves to play "Night night baby" and tuck in her dolls or stuffed animals.
6)  She knows and loves her grandparents and asks about them nearly every day.
7)  She loves the Christmas tree lights and insists they are on anytime she is awake.
8)  She loves dogs and horses.
9)  She takes off her shoes and socks whenever we go anywhere in the car.
10)  She is addicted to VeggieTales and requests to watch it by asking, "Bob?"
11)  She loves when people count her toes and play "This Little Piggy".
12)  She loves books - especially her collection of "Biscuit" stories.
13)  She loves Goldfish crackers and thinks she should have some anytime she is in a moving vehicle.
14)  She loves to brush her teeth and requests to frequently.
15)  She is in a banana phase and wants 1-2 daily.
16)  She loves her Bluebeary...and her Bluebeary double!
17)  She has a current obsession with bowls.  Any food item requires a bowl - including bananas.
18)  She loves to go to church.
19)  She loves to sit at our front window and look at whatever cars are out there.
20)  She loves to color...or at least to flip through the coloring book while holding a crayon in her hand.
21)  She loves to climb stairs and requests to frequently!
22)  She has a fascination with shoes and boots.  She loves her own and likes to try on other people's as well.
23)  She loves when you sing to her.  At the end of a song, she will usually smile and say "More".

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Jen said...

so sweet! Maddie loves to read about "Biksit", too :)