Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Merged Blogs

I finally did something I have been thinking about for awhile now:  I merged my two blogs.  Now all the content from my "Frugal Farleys" blog is available on this one.  This news really isn't all that exciting, considering I have not updated the Frugal Farley blog in a few months.  However, I do plan to restart my Walgreens Challenge in January, and I plan to post my deals on here every week.

What is the Walgreens Challenge?  It is a challenge to see how much stuff you can purchase at Walgreens in one year's time for 100 dollars or less.  I participated for a few weeks last year, but I gave up after awhile because I did not seem to be getting the deals I wanted.  (My cupboard was stocked full of free contact solution and toothpaste.)  I am ready to start again in the new year.  Is anyone else up for the challenge?  Let me know, and I will get you the details!

More details to come!

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