Friday, December 31, 2010

20 Weeks

I cannot believe I am already halfway through this pregnancy.  Time has gone so quickly!  We have been busy with holiday planning and preparation lately, so things have seemed to move even faster the past month or so.  I have been doing some prepartion for this little one though, and I wanted to share.  First, I bought Baby's first outfits about a month or two ago.  I found a good clearance deal at ToysRUs and just couldn't resist.  Of course, not knowing the sex of the baby, I had to splurge and get two outfits for each.  (Did I mention what a great deal I found?!)

My belly is enlarging.  This picture was taken the day after Christmas, and I believe my husband worked some magic camera angles to make me look better than I do in real life!

I saved the most exciting part for last.  We had our ultrasound yesterday.  We had decided to go ahead and find out the sex of the baby this time around.  We waited and were surprised with the princess, and we loved that decision.  This time, I wanted the experience of knowing beforehand and being able to plan.  Here are some pictures:
Face profile - face on left, pointing up

Very clear shot of the spine

Both forearms - belly on right

Foot - lower left

Head on left, belly on right, hand by head

Both lower legs

It's a.....BABY!!!

Notice what's missing?  That's right, no gender-shot.  This is a very active baby (which I have realized since about 16.5 weeks), and he or she did not slow down enough for us to get a good look!  We do have an idea of what sex this baby is, but since we are not sure, I am choosing to keep that information off the internet at this time.  The ultrasound tech also was not able to get good film of the morphology of the baby's face, so I am holding out hope for a second ultrasound in a few weeks.


Elle Belles Bows said...

You look fabulous at 20 weeks!! Kerri

Laura McLain said...

I was quite disappointed at the end of your post. I was so excited to find out which of the outfits you'd be using. :)

Rachel said...

Ha was I, Laura. So was I.