Tuesday, December 14, 2010


My poor neglected second child...here I am, 17 weeks pregnant, and there has only been 1 post or so about the pregnancy and the baby. 

I have been feeling great lately.  I no longer need a nap everytime the Princess does, and I can eat foods without feeling sick.  My last appointment was December 3, and the baby had a strong heartbeat and everything looked good!  We are looking forward to an ultrasound on the 30th - the only ultrasound of this pregnancy, if all goes well.  We were offered a 3D, but I told my midwife I think those are kinda creepy (and she laughed and said she agreed!)...so we'll be posting old-school pictures for you sometime after the 30th.

I need to pose for a belly shot sometime soon, since I am starting to look like there is actually a baby growing inside of me!  One of these days when my hair looks nice...  :)

So why did I title this post "Babies"?  No, I am not carrying twins (though that would be a welcome surprise)!  A lady at the church has been bringing our princess baby dolls that she has made.  Rather, she has made their outfits.  She buys the dolls used, cleans them up, and knits beautiful outfits for them.  Here are a few of the things she has made.  I love that each outfit has a matching hat and booties.  So adorable.  They each also have a change of clothes and blanket to go along with them.  She is so skilled at what she does.  I also love the little tiny baby bed you see in the picture.  The knitted part can be pulled up to make a little purse.  I am told that my grandma made me one of these when I was younger.

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Elle Belles Bows said...

Hope you are feeling well. Did not realize you are expecting! Love all those baby outfits! What a wonderful gift for her to share. Such talent to knit like that. The most precious one is the real life baby in the picture:-)