Friday, March 11, 2011

Baby Bond Nursing Sash Review and Giveaway - Take 2!

I received a comment on my previous Belly Band product review from Missy, the owner of the company that makes these nursing sashes. She pointed out that my sister-in-law was using her sash improperly and provided links to some YouTube videos that would be of assistance. The first demonstrated how to put on the product on as a sash. The second demonstrates how to put it on as a belly band.

After viewing these videos, my sister-in-law realized she had been nursing from the right side when wearing the product on her right shoulder. To use the sash properly, she should have been nursing from the left side when wearing the product on her right shoulder. Take a look at these photos, demonstrating how to use the product properly.

She commented to me that she actually felt quite a bit more modest when using the product properly. In fact, her intention now is to use it more often - especially on hot days this summer! She also pointed out that holding her baby in a cradle-hold felt more modest than the "football hold" she usually does

Just look at the confidence in this proud momma! :)

Are you interested in winning a free Baby Bond Nursing Sash?  View my original product review, and scroll to the bottom for instructions on how to enter!  You do not need a blog to participate!  This giveaway ends Saturday, 3/12/11!


Hannah said...

Since I was a tad skeptical about how this actually worked, I'm glad your sister in law is finally able to use it! It gives me hope:)

Triana Ord said...

I'm soo excited about this product! I love the Couture in Riviera. Sooo pretty!