Sunday, March 27, 2011

Tot School: Dd is For Dinosaur, Doggie, Duck, and Dolphin

Our princess is currently 26 months old.
Tot School

Wow...I took a lot of pictures this week.  This could be a very long post.  Here goes!

We worked on the letter D this week.  I was really excited about the new alphabet printables at 1+1+1=1, and I used a few of her ideas this week.  I also used some from COAH and DLTK

The following three activities are from COAH's D is for Dinosaur printables. We tried clipping clothespins to dinosaur cutouts. This did not go over very well. Her fingers just aren't strong enough for this yet. She did enjoy pulling off the clothespins I put on though.

The Dinosaur matching game was a little better.  She did well putting capital D on one side lowercase d on the other.

The bottlecaps were not such a big hit this week.  We only did this activity once, and she didn't even complete it that time.
She was more interested in playing with the bottlecaps and dumping them out of the jar.  She also enjoyed seeing how many clothespins she could fit into the jar.
We had an impromptu diaper-sorting by color.  That of course turned into a game of pile-everything-on-the-princess-in-the-basket...a favorite at our house.  :)

She really enjoyed this Doggie craft from DLTK.  I was just encouraged that she got the ears, eyes, nose, and mouth all in the correct order.  :)

We tried these pre-writing sheets from 1+1+1=1, and she did a pretty good job of tracing left-to-right.  She needed a lot of verbal instruction though.
Our coloring sheet this week was from DLTK's Dd is for dolphin
We are a week behind on our alphabet sheets, but we did the letter C this week.  My idea to paint with a carrot actually turned out pretty well!  The princess' little Buddy was here that morning, so she joined us.  Neither of the girls ate any of the paint, so I was very encouraged.  :)  I do love to watch as the girls' little personalities come forward.  Princess is a cautious, watch-and-see little girl and prefered the dip-and-swirl method of painting.  Buddy is a jump-right-in, fun-loving girl and went for the dip-and-dot method.  So cute.  :)

And finally, our "Dd" page this week featured a dolphin, dinosaur, dog, duck, Daddy, her "D" uncle, and her 5 "D" cousins. 

 This week is the letter Ee.  I just printed off some projects, and I am excited about this week!  I just love doing Tot School with my girl.  It's so much fun.

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Amanda said...

How fun! We're doing Dd next week- and also doing dinosaurs, ducks & dogs. I also love the new alphabet printables over at 1+1+1=1. And I'm going to go print out that dog activity... Thanks for the ideas! :-)