Saturday, January 3, 2009

1 day overdue...and counting

Tim and I headed to Solvang this afternoon to do some walking and window-shopping. I ended up coming home with a new Advent calendar we can use to start a tradition with Baby next December. I had never seen a calendar like this one before - there is a little book that you pull out each day leading up to Christmas, and each book contains a little part of the Christmas story. For instance, Day 1 is Holy Land and sets the location. Day 2 talks about prophecy and how the Jews were looking for a Savior, etc. Of course the biggest book of all is on day 24 - Baby Jesus. I think that's a cool way to build up to Jesus' birth.

Speaking of birth...still waiting. :)

I continue to be productive though. I finished 2 more scrapbook pages this morning. I may very well copy off Pam and post them on my blog if Baby holds out long enough. Stay tuned!


Pam said...

Yes, I vote for blog posting! ;)

Eileen said...

Rachel, It was great talking to you today! Pretty soon, you'll be holding your precious baby!!!! What joy to come!!!! Love you, Eileen

The Vrugginks said...

I scrapbook, make cards, and do other crafty things to pass the time right before baby arrives too! :) It's part of my "nesting" thing to have the scrapbooks all updated I think - haha!

Laura McLain said...

It's very nice of Baby to let you get all of your scrapbooking done. :) Sounds like you had a fun day!

Jer, Julie and Ben said...

We are waiting (not so) patiently! We have a box with baby's name on it...just waiting to add some pink or blue. :o)

Jennifer said...

Do lots of fun things like sleeping, eating ice cream, watching movies, and of course scrapbooking while you can. It will help move the days along and before you know it you will be Mommy Rachel!
I'm back from Minnesota and have some days off this week if you would like to get together I would love to see you. Let me know.


Gary and Irma said...

Your Advent calendar sounds cool!!!
Sounds like a good tradition to start with your family!!!!

Glad to hear that you are staying
very productive.

I can picture the scenes in Solvang, such a neat place to walk around!!!
See you in a couple of days!!!!!
Love and Prayers,