Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Well, things have seemed to fall into somewhat of a pattern around here. Sarah is still a very easy-going baby, seeming only to cry when she is hungry. She sleeps a lot, of course, which allows me to actually get some things done around the house. We are all adjusting. She has been consistently sleeping 3 hours between feedings throughout the night, which is wonderful! I set my alarm, but she usually wakes me up about 15 minutes before that is set to go off. During the day she's more like 2-3 hours between feedings - we are still working on getting that figured out. Sometimes I can't tell if she just wants a pacifier to put herself to sleep, or if she is truly hungry.

I need to read up on developmental milestones for babies. I swear, she reacts when Tim is around. With me, it's like she's thinking "yeah, give me the food and let me sleep". With Tim, it's more like "let's play and I'll make lots of eye contact and smile at you". She doesn't really have control over smiling yet, but she sure seems to do it a lot when he's playing with her!

We are all still doing well. Tim and I are trying to catch up on sleep, but otherwise we are great! We love our little girl and are so happy to finally be able to hold her in our arms!

We started a new facebook photo album called "Sarah - Picture of the Day". I also put a link to it on the right hand side of the blog for future reference. Check it out every now and then for new pictures of her. I can't promise that it will be updated daily, but we will be taking a new daily picture of least for a little while. :)

Well, little one is sleeping, so I should be taking a nap as well!

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