Monday, August 2, 2010

Grocery Challenge: Week 7

I was a little bit bummed about my grocery trip today.  I had heard there was a Catalina coupon that would print out if you purchased 5 Kraft cheese products.  The singles were half price this week, and the baby eats those a lot.  So I bought 5.  There was also a deal for Juicy Juice, where a coupon would print if you purchased 4.  So I did.  Then at the end of my coupons! 

The checker was very nice and looked up the juice deal in the paper.  It was there, so he sent me to Customer Service, and they gave me a handwritten coupon.  However, he could not find the Kraft deal listed, so I did not get that coupon.  Bummer!  That one was for 5 dollars!

My trip to Customer Service actually ended up being a blessing.  CS is located next to the pharmacy, and I had a prescription I had forgotten to pick up last week - and would have forgotten again! 

So I left the store short 5 dollars, but with my pills.  I guess I could look at it this way:  It would cost more than 5 dollars in gas to drive back out there and pick up the prescription I almost forgot again!

This week's total:  $46.54.  I stocked up on chicken breasts that were on sale and on milk, so hopefully we will not need any of that next week!  Oh yeah...we should be good on cheese, too!

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