Monday, August 16, 2010

Grocery Challenge: Week 9

I did not post anything about my grocery shopping adventures last week, simply because I put my groceries away without taking a picture first.  :)  I did make some extra trips to local stores last week, and my total ended up being $62.74.

This week was a little better:

Pretend there is a melon in that picture as well - we purchased and ate most of that yesterday!  This week's total:  $52.39.

It does not look like I purchased much of anything this week, but we are eating a lot of stockpiled foods lately.  We mainly needed fruit, milk, cheese, and some snacks.  I got 2 pizzas as a treat, and I will have to spend another dollar or so later this week for lettuce.  Yes, they were out of lettuce at the grocery store!  That has never happened to me before.

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