Monday, August 2, 2010

Princess has become quite independent lately.  Or she thinks she has.  The other day, she got out her cup,
went and played with the water cooler,
and then "drank" what she had "poured" in there.
Of course, Momma's "what do you think you're doing?!" prompted a victory run around the kitchen.
She likes to help me cook, too.

In other news, I finally hung some things on Princess' wall.  I had been wanting to hang family pictures, and I got those up this week.  Notice the pure excitement on Princess' face:

And here are a few pictures from playing in the pool last week:
And finally, a video of Princess' current favorite activity.  Notice the "vroom" and "beep, beep".  We're very proud.  :)  Please forgive my artistic camera angle - I wasn't thinking very well when I was shooting this!

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