Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ohio, Birthday, and Football

Our little family enjoyed our trip to Ohio to see family two weekends ago.  My brother and his kids were in town from Wyoming, and this was the first time our entire family had been together in 3 and a half years!  We were blessed to have Grandma and Mamaw there as well, and we had a great time!

The 6 grandkids:
Mom, Dad, and the kids:
4 generations:

I celebrated my final birthday this weekend.  That's right - I will be 29 forever.  :)  My mom and Mamaw were able to make a last-minute trip up for the weekend, and it was great to spend some more time with them.  Princess enjoyed cuddling with them and did a great job of keeping everyone entertained.  She has mastered the names of all her grandparents and even used "Mamaw" and "Nana" appropriately.

And...we are gearing up for football season.  I think my husband is going to have a game buddy.  She's in love with her football...well, any kind of ball, actually.

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