Monday, February 28, 2011

28 Week Ultrasound

We were able to see our baby on Thursday.  She was beautiful, of course, and a bit more cooperative this time around.  She does like to have her hands up by her face though, so most of these shots feature an arm or two.  :) 

Here is an old-school profile picture:
 A black and white 3D:
 And some color 3Ds:
 I especially liked that she smiled for us.  :)

Baby weighs 2 pounds 8 ounces, which is the 55th percentile for this stage of the pregnancy.  Sounds good to me!  That was also the weight of a jar of peanut butter at my mom's house...heavier than I thought!

This little girl has been very active lately.  She isn't making Mommy uncomfortable yet, and I am enjoying all the movements.  I have a check-up tomorrow, and then I switch to seeing my midwife every 2 weeks.  I cannot believe we're already at that stage of this pregnancy.  Wow, this is going quickly!

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