Saturday, February 26, 2011

Tot School: A is for apple

Our princess is 25 months old.
Tot School
I had a blast finding fun "A" activities this week!  I found a few new website resources.  This cute "A is for Acorn" page was perfect for my little Elmo lover!  I found this at Coloring-Crafts, and they have a variety of free pages from which to choose.
I found DLTK's site, which has mini-books you can print out for each letter of the alphabet, as well as books for many other themes.  I printed out the "A" book in black and white (though color is an option) and let the princess color each page.  We read this book on a daily basis, and she LOVED it.

I used many of COAH's A is for apple ideas, including the apple uppercase/lowercase matching game, apple color puzzles, apple lacing card, and an A worksheet.  For the A worksheet, I did a google image search for "apple clipart" and printed out some apples to paste in place.
I definitely overestimated her skill level
and made these apple color puzzles
too difficult for her.
She did great matching capital and
lowercase As.  Not a favorite of hers though.
Pasting apples on her A worksheet
Apple was a new word this week.

I love her face of concentration as she skips
over several holes.  :)  She did great at this - her
first lacing activity.

She also put together this "Aa" page, featuring ant, acorn, alligator, arm, apple, airplane, and her 4 "A" cousins.  I think this is both of our favorite weekly activity.  She loves the pasting and the new pictures, and I love hearing her attempt new words!

We are having so much fun in Tot School.  I really enjoy doing this with her.  I know that she is not really absorbing everything we are doing, but we are laying some ground work.  And it's fun for both of us.  :)


Amanda said...

What a great week! It looks like she had a lot of fun. My son's the same age as your daughter and he just loves the magnet pages from COAH. Some things have been over his head too-- but we're having lots of fun!

Nadia said...

your post has motivated me to print out an apple to try threading with my son. He has done threading but doesnt seem very interested in it.. maybe if it matches a theme for the week he wont mind trying it.. Thanks for sharing!
Visiting from tot school