Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 Walgreens 100 Dollar Challenge: Week 1

This is week 1 of the 2011 Walgreens 100 Dollar Challenge.  For those of you who did not follow as I did this on the Frugal Farleys site, the idea is simple:  See how much you can purchase at Walgreens for 100 dollars (or less) in one year's time, using coupons, sales, and Register Rewards.  I got this idea from a blog that ended their challenge due to being in a Walgreens Rewards test area.  I contacted the blogger, who said I was free to use her idea and host my own challenge!

So...who wants to join me?!  Send me a message if you would like to participate. 

Here is an example of savings you can find at Walgreens.  (Visit the sidebar on the right:  Walgreens Challenge for examples from last year.)  My deals were not that great this week, since I was beginning with 0 register rewards.  Next week will be better!

Week 1:
1 Finesse Shampoo
Price:  $1.99
Mfg coupon:  none
Store coupon:  none
Final price:  $1.99
RR earned:  none
*Rebate on bottle submitted - awaiting $1.99 from Finesse.

1 Nivea for Men Arctic Freeze Wash and Shave Gel
Price:  $3.99
Mfg coupon:  $1.00
Store coupon:  none
Final price:  $2.99
RR earned:  $3.00

(2) Finish Dish Detergent (Purchased in 2 transactions in order to print 2 RRs)
Price:  $3.49 each
Mfg coupon:  (2) $1.00
Store coupon:  none
Final price:  $5.00
RR earned:  $3.00

RR Used:  none

Subtotal before coupons:  $12.96
Subtotal after coupons:  $9.96
Sales Tax:  $.78
Savings Percentage:  23%
(Note:  Since I have no control over the tax rate in my city, savings percentage are calculated prior to tax.)

RRs in hand:  $3.00 Nivea, (2) $1.50 Jet Dry


Yearly Totals

Amount Spent (including tax):  $10.74
Amount Remaining:  $89.26
(Awaiting $1.99 rebate from Finesse.  This will be added into my amount remaining once I receive it.)

Amount Saved:  $11.00

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Jen said...

I am gonna do this, but haven't made it to Walgreen's yet this week ;)