Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday Scrappin'

I have two completed scrapbook pages to share this week.  I ended up getting a bit of Christmas money, and I used that to invest in a Cricut!  My Cricut arrived Friday morning, and I began playing with it that night.  After some frustration and almost throwing the thing across the room, I am beginning to get the hang of it...and I am in love with it.  :)
For my first Cricut project, I decided to redo two scrapbook pages I had done a year and a half ago for my husband, of him and our daughter.  I have always hated how these pages turned out.  I don't know if I was pressed for time when I made them or what, but I think the writing is hideous.  Here is a before shot:.

And...Ta-da!  The magic of a Cricut:

My to-do project for this week is an ultasound page.  I want to start on Baby 2's make sure something actually gets done on it!  :)  Hopefully I will have something cute to post for you next Sunday!


Sherrie said...

Beautiful LO. Love the redo. Have a great day!

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Jen said...

Very cute!! Someday I may get a cricut, but who knows! This week I HAVE to start on Michael's 1 year scrapbook...must be done for his b-day party!!

Melanie said...

I think both versions of the layout are stunning Rachel, beautiful work.

I don't really like my hand writing on my pages either, just can't get it right.

Hope you get the ultrasound page done. Have a good week ahead.

Bailey's Granny said...

Love the redo - the pictures are great! Thanks for stopping by Sunday Scrappin'.