Friday, January 14, 2011

2011 Walgreens 100 Dollar Challenge: Week 2

As I prepared for my trip to Walgreens this week, I redid my list about 5 times.  I know they would end up being "free" after Register Rewards, but did I really need to purchase Pill Glide and Gummy Vitamins that my family would not use?  Was the Acai Berry supplement really a wise investment while I am pregnant and trying  to be cautious about what I am putting into my body?  After much consideration, for this year-long challenge I have resolved to purchase only items that my family (or others I know of prior to going to the store) will use.  That resolution seems like a no-brainer, but sometimes the lust of "how much can I get for my money" gets the best of me. 

I believe this is the least I have ever spent out of pocket at Walgreens.  I was so excited.  Even more exciting to me was the fact that all of my purchases were food items, which meant NO SALES TAX!  I have never experienced that at Walgreens either.  I did two transactions in order to maximize my RRs, and the first transaction actually totaled 0.  That is another thing that has never happened to me before.  Can you sense my excitement?!  Here is this week's run-down:

4 Kellogg’s Special K (purchased in 2 transactions to print 2 RRs)
Price: $2.50 each
Mfg coupon: (2) B1G1 free
Store coupon: none
Final price: $5.00
RR earned: (2) $2.00

1 Quaker Oats
Price: $3.19
Mfg coupon: $1.00
Store coupon: $1.69
Final price: $.50
RR earned: none

2 Russell Stover Hearts Candies
Price: $.50 each
Mfg coupon: none
Store coupon: $.22
Final price: $.78
RR earned: none

RR Used: $3.00 Nivea, (2) $1.50 Jet Dry

Subtotal before coupons: $14.19
Subtotal after coupons: $.28
Sales Tax: 0
Savings Percentage: 98%
(Note: Since I have no control over the tax rate in my area, savings percentage are calculated prior to tax.)

RRs in hand: (2) $2.00 Kellogg’s


Yearly Totals

Amount Spent (including tax): $11.02
Amount Remaining: $88.98
(Awaiting $1.99 rebate from Finesse. This will be added into my amount remaining once I receive it.)
Amount Saved: $34.87

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Jen said...

Good job! I totally messed up my total savings cine I threw away my 1st week receipts. Oh well. I just put a note on that one. I need to have a few weeks of spending nothing since I am already at $20 ;)