Saturday, January 22, 2011

Tot School: Organization

Tot School
Our princess is currently 24 months old.

My goal for this week was to work on numbers with the princess.  Unfortunately, when I went online to search for activities for the number 1, I could not find anything age-appropriate.  Do any of you have suggestions of where to search, or even what you have done with your own little ones?

We counted a lot this week.  She really loves that.  I mentioned last week that I would love for her to be able to say the word "one" by the end of the week, and she really is trying.  She repeats when I count from 1-5, and her numbers are more grunts than words, but there is a distinction between each number.  That's progress!

Here she is, lining all her cars up in 1 line.  :)

I was reading on 1+1+1=1 this week about rotating toys.  This is such a terrific idea.  I know that my princess has her favorite toys that she plays with every day, while other toys sit unnoticed on the shelf for weeks at a time.  I finally broke out my dormant organizational skills and began a toy rotation.  To spare myself some embarrassment, I did not take any "before" photos. 

Basically, I moved almost half of her toys to a closet upstairs.  All of her toys are located in our living room, and this will make cleanup time a lot easier as well.  I plan to rotate each of these areas once a week to give variety.  All of her books are still accessible on a bookshelf, but I selected a few for this week and put them on a different shelf with the covers facing her.  That should make them look more appealing.  We were also having difficulty with her wanting to pull out ALL of her movies before choosing one to watch, so I displayed 5 choices for her to simplify her decision.

Here is her toy shelf :

Her book/stuffed animal shelf:

Her "big toy" corner:

And her movie selection:

I am proud of my work, and I hope she likes this new arrangement!  :)


Kate said...

Love your new arrangement. We've been doing toy rotation for awhile now. Or rather, I boxed up toys and took them away and have rotated the toybox twice. Then the Christmas and birthday came and there are so MANY new toys that I really have to sort through and make new groupings to rotate. I just wish we had a place to store the toys, our place is small with very little storage areas.

Rotation works though, he is definitely very happy when he sees the new toys.

Elle Belles Bows said...

It looks great! I like how your organized your books. Cute pic with all the trucks too!

Sorry that I do not have an input on the number one right now, but I will stop back if I remember anything. Kerri

Mommy Sarah said...

Followed over from the tot school link-up! Love your organization!!

Dana said...

I do the toy rotation also! It is so much fun seeing her face light up when she sees a "new" toy that has been hiding for a few months. It is almost like Christmas, but without having to spend any money. Ha!

I wish I had advise on the numbers. I use and modify some of the number stuff from Confessions of a homeschooler.